Tile and Floor Restoration and Cleaning

scrubbybeavers can restore your floors to the original state no matter what condition they are in. We have the solution of every floor problem.

Pressure Water Cleaning

Water is one of the safest and environmentally friendly chemicals to use for cleaning.

H2O is two parts hydrogen to one part oxygen and when delivered under pressure removes most dirt and grime. Why do you see a lot of cleaning products now claiming to be “oxygen boosted”? Now for the high pressure cleaning.

Putting too much pressure in a balloon and it pops, not enough pressure in your car tyres and they wear out quickly. It is the same with cleaning hard floors like concrete and timber. Not enough pressure and you get it wet not clean; however too much pressure and you can cause pitting and surface damage.

Scrubbybeavers are the experts in knowing just how far to go to get the perfect result. At a recent bayside complex there exterior timber decking was downright dangerous, yet it was less than 4 years old. Owners and visitors were reluctant to walk on this area for fear of slipping.  A build-up of grime had made the surface slippery even when it was technically dry. The solution was a good scrub and a high pressure clean. Not only does the area look like new it is now safe to walk on at all times.

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Strip and Seal

You see over time the surface of your flooring wears away. To see what it should really look like, move a piece of furniture that has been in the same spot for a long time. Aside from the dust, the floor will be in original condition. Now to make the rest of the floor look as good, we need to strip away wh​at is left of the original sealer along with all the grime that has built up over the years.

Once this is completed, we can reseal the floor to make it look like new. The process takes some time but the result will look fantastic.

 Scrubbybeavers specialize in this service and can provide you with lots of success stories for all types of floors. Marble, terracotta, vinyl and timber all need to treated with the correct process. We have the expertise to restore your floors.

Cleaning and Sealing

To maintain your floor in its peak condition, it needs to be sealed as part of the cleaning process. You see the floor`s top surface is a sealer designed to take the brunt of everyday traffic. Once it is worn away, the marks are then ground into the surface of the floor making it not only harder to clean, but reducing the life of the floor.

Modern equipment and environmentally friendly processes restore the floor by resealing it.

Grout Clean / Restoration

Patchy, worn, looking old are many of the comments from owners of flooring that has been used for many years. What can be done to fix this unsightly issue?

When you sweep a floor is it clean?

When you mop a floor is it clean?

When you scrub or spray buff a floor is it clean?

 The answer to all the questions is yes, but to differing degrees.

Our customer are surprised when they see there grouts without the grime and grease which has accumulated over the years within that grout.

It is important to have healthy environment for your loved ones and that grout to be cleaned and sealed. Specially for toddlers.

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Make your floor and tiles look like new.

Ask for a patch job to be done, we can demonstrate a sample of what your floor can look like.
100% of our customers go ahead with the full service after patch job demonstration.

try us out on a patch of your floor, you will be amazed. Minimum Charge applies.

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